adopt a cat on!

wtf is a crypto cat?

who are these stylish cats anyway?

crypto cats are a collection of 10,000 unique programmatically generated cats that live on the Polygon blockchain!

the cats will be released in series' of 1000 up until 10,000 are minted, with new traits added via voting each series!

why polygon?
using polygon results in cheaper gas fees for you, and less power consumption. (for the environment)

believe it or not, these cats serve a cool purrrpose outside of looking adorable!

each cat will give you 1 vote token! 

this will allow all crypto cat owners to vote on cool stuff like when drops are, and what new traits to add!

the crypto cats will utilize to vote on proposals without incurring any gas fees!

there are 100+ traits:

10+ hats!
10+ eyes!
10+ accessories!
10+ ears!
10+ tails!
10+ patterns!
20+ colors!
and 20+ backgrounds!

with many more to come each drop!

series 1 traits currently have a rarity value of: common (45%), uncommon (25%), rare (20%) , and ultra rare! (10%)

The rarity of earlier series will increase with every new trait series drop!

(special 1 of 1 cats given away at every new series drop! make sure to follow us on twitter @cryptocatsmeow)

this is currently a work in progress project, EVERYTHING is subject to change!